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This is a pre-order with a release date on 1st March 2024

This bundle includes:

  • ‘Otherness’ CD disc.
  • ‘Otherness’ Album T-Shirt in White. *Select Size (S/M/L/XL/XXL)*

‘Otherness’ is Ferris & Sylvester’s second studio album, due for release 1st March 2024 and available to pre order. The duo explains, ‘This album is for anyone who feels like an outsider. Otherness is defined as being or feeling different in appearance or character from what is familiar, expected, or generally accepted. Ironically, this feeling of otherness is one we all share and experience, orbiting on our own planets’. Sonically, the album ranges across a spectrum of psychedelic folk, blues, rock and soul - yet the songs are connected by the duo’s stark and vivid storytelling. Recorded at the pair’s studio to a 1960’s tape machine with production side-kick Michael Rendall, and released through their own label Archtop Records, Ferris & Sylvester continue to ‘build their own world’ (Clash Magazine).


1. Dark Side

2. Imposter

3. Don’t Fall In Love With Me

4. Mother,

5. End Of The World

6. Out Of It

7. Rain (Intro)

8. Rain

9. Paper Plane

10. What’s It Gonna Take?

11. Muzzle

12. Headache

13. The Performer

14. Love Is Real


Album artwork by Leaf & Petal Design

T-Shirt design by Agata Helena


*Limited edition vinyl may differ to image displayed. Each one is unique.

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